Fall Festival

Play Games: A great school fall festival idea is one where the students play a lot of different games. You can get a bouncy castle and other traditional, fair-type of games that are slightly-old fashioned that the parents will remember from their childhood. Another great addition to the fall festival is a Cake Walk, where people walk around a circle to music and they win a home made cake or pie if they are in the right spot.



Yard Sale: An idea for a school Fall Festival is to hold a yard sale. Yard Sales are a terrific way to raise money, and literally everyone will have something they can donate to the sale. This is a great way to get everyone involved. Yard Sales are quite addictive, and thus everyone will be happy to support the sale by buying something. If you get pricier items like antiques or collectables donated to your sale, you could consider doing a silent auction for the items, or perhaps even a live auction.

Bar-B-Que: This is a popular Fall Festival idea. Just as we are saying goodbye to Summer, we are also saying goodbye to the bar-b-que season for most of us. The die-hards will do so during the year-round. You can have different types of bar-b-que, such as regular, and spicy. You could even have a competition for best bar-b-que at this event.



A great idea is to have a theme for your Silent or Live Auction if possible, such as entertainment, or Fall fun or Christmas gifts. There are so many themes you can select.

Craft Sale: Many people love crafts. Selling high-quality crafts at your Fall Festival could be a great way to raise funds. Some of your parents (both Moms and Dads) may be especially crafty. Some parents may be professional crafters or artists and may be willing to donate items. Other crafters can be found in your community, and crafts can be priced so that your school obtains a percentage of the item.



Get Spooky! Why not plan a Fall Festival with a Halloween theme? It could be held on October 31st, or around that date. You could create a fun, but slightly spooky haunted house to appeal to older children. You could hold some group games, but give them a Halloween theme (i.e. – instead of Duck, Duck, Goose – Duck, Duck, Pumpkin). Everyone could come in costume and you could have a costume contest with lots of prizes for both adults and kids. Get creative and offer some Halloween themed crafts the kids can make. Truly make Halloween a family event.

A Fall Festival is a wonderful way to gather the community of your school together to have some fun and enjoy the day. There are many creative ways you can celebrate this day.